Congratulation to all winners in the International Hong Kong Percussion Competition 17-20 November 2016
Update in summer 2019 for application & further information for the next edition in

 December 2020




The International Hong Kong Percussion Convention aims to gather the percussionists around the world and foster cross cultural understanding through arts educational projects. It has been founded to promote the popularization and development of the percussion art and culture, sparing no efforts in supporting young performers, inviting leading artists for the jury and showcasing for the concerts top acts and brilliant artistry. The competition holds the disciplines of marimba, xylophone, snare drum, chamber music and composition from children to University level. The additional concerts, masterclasses and workshops will provide an inspirational stage for top performers and the winning candidates will present for all visitors an unique music experience. It is without doubt that this ground-breaking event will mark internationally a new milestone for the percussion art and educational development.

Fiona Foo – Artistic Director



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