To apply, please download and fill out the application form underneath, and send it back to

Application Form – Percussion 報名表格 – 敲擊樂

Application Form – Composition 報名表格 – 作曲


  • The competition is open to all percussionist and chamber musician of all nationalities and ages under 35.
  • Applicants must submit the following materials by E-mail:
    1. Application form fully completed
    2. Registration fee and submit a copy of the bank receipt documenting the application fee
    3. Copy of current passport or official  identity card
    4. Artistic picture or headshot
    5. Repertoire list
  • Application fee for Xylophone solo  is $400HKD ($60USD)
  • Application fee for Snare Drum solo is $400HKD ($60USD)
  • Application fee for Marimba solo is $600HKD ($80USD)
  • Application fee for Chamber music is $800HKD ($100USD)
  • Registration fee has to be paid via PayPal transfer (PayPal Email: . The fee is not refundable regardless the outcome of the Competition and should be transferred net (excluding transfer costs) indicated by your name, competition 2016 and the registration number


  • The competition is open to all composers of all nationalities and age 35 or under.
  • the competitor can send in maximum one work for each discipline: 1. Marimba Solo 2. Percussion Trio  3. Marimba & Vibraphone Duo with Piano Quintet or String Quartet accompaniment.  Extra tape is allowed.
  • The application fee is $350HKD ($45USD) and has to be paid by PayPal transfer (PayPal Email:
  • Application deadline: 1st October, 2016
  • PROCEDURES: Please notice that the application is only valid if you send in followings materials:

1. The signed application form.
2. A copy of current passport or identity card.
3. One high quality headshot photo.
4. A curriculum vitae in English.
5. A copy of the bank receipt documenting the application fee.
6. PDF of your score
7. MP3 of the audio (MIDI mockups) for reference

*The composer’s name should NOT appear on the submitted score and recording

The application fee is not refundanble regardless the outcome of the competition.
Registration number: your registration number will be informed after we received your application form. It is required to indicate on all further communications your competition registration number and to inform us any changes of your contact address and/or email address. Your application will be cancelled in case the organisation is not able to reach you due to occuring changes.



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