International Hong Kong Percussion Competition

1. Marimba – one free choice*

– Category A (primary school – maximum 5 minutes)

– Category B (secondary school – max.8 minutes)

– Category C (age 35 or younger – max.10 minutes)

2.  Xylophone – one free choice*

– Category A (primary school – max.5 minutes)

– Category B (secondary school – max.8 minutes)

3. Snare Drum – one free choice*

– Category A (primary school – max.3 minutes)

– Category B (secondary school – max.5 minutes)

– Category C (age 35 or younger – max.8 minutes)

4.  Chamber Music (open class – no age limit) – one free choice (max.10 minutes)*

Ensemble strengths and instrument combinations are free, ensemble have to include minimum 1    percussion player

International Hong Kong Percussion Competition (Composition)
  • The competition is open to all composers of all nationalities and age 35 or younger
  • The competitor can send in maximum one work for each discipline:
  • 1.     Marimba Solo (6-8 minuets duration)
  • 2.     Perucussion Trio (8-10 minuets duration).
  • 3.     Marimba & Vibraphone Duo with Piano Quintet or String Quartet accompaniment (10-15 minutes duration)
  • Extra tape is allowed.
  • Submission composition must be original music without any previous performance.
  • Winnings compositions will be published and promoted internationally, and will be performed and recorded live during the winner’s concert.

**You may perform one free choice for all category, which may be own composition or arrangement or transcription. Marimba/ Xylophone solo can also select works from the suggested list. It will be required to send one published score or copy (with approval from the composer) of each free chose before 1st October and bring 5 extra copies on the competition day. If you perform non published works and/or own works, it will be required to send attached on the allowed copies a signed declaration by the composer (personal or others), giving his/her permission to use the copies during the Competition 2016. If the organisation did not receive a copy of the scores and composers declarations, further performance of those works can be refused.

– Upon request by the Jury and the Competition organisation, contestants should be able of presenting anytime original publications or authorised copies of all performed works. Using photocopies of published works and/or unauthorised copies of performed music is not allowed.

Suggested list: marimba

Prism – Keiko Abe/  Etude 1955 – Earl Hatch/ Two Mexican Dance for marimba « 1 or II » – Gordon Stout/ Funny Mallets: Marimba Book I & II – Nebosja Jovan Zivkovic/ Land – Takatsugu Muramatsu/ Marimbics – Markus Halt / Virgina Tate – Paul Smadbeck / FLying – Chin-Cheng Lin / November Evening – Christopher Norton / Caméléon – Eric Sammut/ Toccata – Anna Ignatowicz / Tambourin Paraphrase – Keiko Abe/ Michi Paraphrase – Keiko Abe/ Dance of words – Aiko Fukushima /  Rain Dance – Alice Gomez/ Zamba para Escuchar Tu Silencio – Guillo Espel / Feel the sunlight – Ludwig Albert /Neenah – Igor Lesnik /  Izgalom – David Friedman /  Scirocco – Michael Burrit / Sonata in B minor – J.S.Bach  / arr.LH.Stevens  (max 2 movements) / Prelude No.1 – Ney Rosauro/ Marshmellow – David Friedman /  Magma – Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic  / Velocities – Joseph Schwantner / Marimba d’amore – Keiko Abe /  Dances of Earth & Fire – Peter Klatzow / Merlin – Andrew Thomas / Convergence – Yoshihisa Taira /  Rhytmic Caprice – Leigh Howard Stevens  /  Nimbostratus – Ludwig Albert /  Moi, jeu – Bruno Mantovani / Caméléon – Eric Sammut/ Polaris – Mark Ford/ Ransom – Mark Ford/ Three Chorales – Evelyn Glennie

Suggested list: Xylophone

Graded Music for Tunned Percussion/ Kevin Hathway & Ian wright – Xylophone Solos/ George Hamilton Green – Modern School for Xylophone – Morris Goldenberg/ Allegro Volante – Daniel Dorff/ Funny Mallets: Xylophone – Nebojsa Zivkovic – 20 Studies for Xylophone after Kreutzer/ Jacques Delecluse  – 6 pieces breves/  Bouchet Gabriel – A Sylvan Suite for Xylophone/ Will Ogdon – Xylophone Sonata/ Thomas Pitfield –  Anasazi/ Alice Gomez

Suggested list: Snare Drum

Graded Music for Snare Drum/ Kevin Hathway & Ian wright – 12 Studies for Snare Drum/ Jacques Delecluse – Études pour Caisse Claire/ Jacques Delecluse – Kim/ Askell Masson-  14 Modern Contest Solos for Snare Drum/ John (Jack) S. Pratt – Modern Rudimental Swing Solos/ Charley Wilcoxon – Portraits in Rhythm/ Anthony J. Cirone – Intermediate Snare Drum Studies/ Mitchell Peters – Advanced Snare Drum Studies/ Mitchell Peters – Keiskleiriana 1 (13 Etudes for Snare Drum)/ Jacques Delecluse – Recital Solos for Snare Drum/ Garwood Whaley – 13 Snare Drum Studies/ Eckhard Kopetzki – Trommel Suite/ Siegfried Fink – Three Dances for Solo Snare Drum/ Warren Benson


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