Result (composition)

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Solo Marimba category

1st Prize :


Shadow Puppetry by Zhixuan Hu (China)

2nd Prize:


Gradually… and then suddenly by Moonhee Lee (South Korea)

3rd Prize:


Rhapsody by Hyunjung Byun (South Korea)

Special Prize:


Hunting Fireflies by Hainu Tang (USA)


Percussion Trio category

1st Prize:


Hydra by Jug Marković (Serbia)

2nd Prize:


Projective Geometry by Reuben Jellyman (New Zealand)

3rd Prize:


Cytokinesis (bang, bang, bang) by Karena Ingram (USA)


No winners for double concertino category


Semi-finalist (names not listed in order):

Shadow Puppetry by Zhixuan Hu
Gradually… and then suddenly by Moonhee Lee
Projective Geometry by Reuben Jellyman
Hunting Fireflies by Hainu Tang
Rhapsody by Hyunjung Byun
Expression by José Luis Gómez-Aleixandre
Hydra by Jug Marković
Silently, I dream by Shu-ya Kung
Cytokinesis (bang, bang, bang) by Karena Ingram
Befall, Soul, Rebirth by Ying-Chieh Wang